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Tips for designing a start-up office

Designing the office of a start-up venture involves more than just picking out suitable start-up office furniture and arranging it neatly in a room. Since an office space is where people spend most of their day, it is important to carefully consider its design and layout. [...]

Easy Ways to Add Some Texture to Your Walls

Infraarch have affirmed that wall-texturing is witnessing a steady upward trend. Apart from approaching professionals to add texture to their walls, home owners are also looking at ways and means to achieve this on their own using tools and aids from Home Improvement Stores. As one of India’s finest teams of Infraarch, we’re glad to provide you with valuable in-sights and handy tips on wall texturing. [...]

Cool Home from Around the World : Japan

Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun is also the abode of the world’s finest architecture and interior design concepts. Largely influenced by the ancient Zen philosophy as well as the essence of Buddhism and Shintoism, a residential architect can draw in a great deal of inspiration from the home styles of Japan. [...]